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Blueprint Wall Racks & Hangers

Blueprint wall racks and hangers are a great solution for those who have limited floor space and ample wall space. Engineering Tools offers 3 styles of space saving wall racks with differing advantages to each. We offer wall racks for rolled blueprints which will store a large volume or drawings in a small amount of floor space. These type of racks will stand on the floor and be mounted to the wall for stability. They consume a very small amount of your office space and will store a large quantity of rolled blueprints. The second type of wall rack we offer is the drop-lift style of wall rack.  If you prefer to keep your blue prints unrolled and have projects organized with blueprint clamps this may be the style you are looking for. Each set of plans will slide into place and be hung by the blueprint clamp. To access a set of drawings you simply slide up a blueprint clamp and remove from the drop lift storage device. Drop-lift style clamps are also very efficient with floor space however they do not store as many blueprint sets as the standard wall racks with rolled blueprints. Lastly, pivot wall racks are another great solution for those who prefer their blueprint sets to be stored unrolled. This style will consume those most amount of your office space however it is the best method for quick sorting through projects and viewing individual pages and drawing sets quickly. Pivot wall racks will also store more blueprint sets than the drop-lift style. For more detailed information on any specific style of blueprint wall racks please see our specific products below. Whatever your storage needs Engineering Tools has the right solutions for your office space.