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We understand that staying organized is key to your success. When looking to store larger sized documents such as blueprints, layouts, sketches, maps, x-rays or artwork we have the very best in storage solutions. Whether you plan to store your documents rolled or flat, we have what you need to keep your projects organized and orderly. Engineering Tools offers a wide variety of storage options including storage stands, blueprint holders, blueprint organizers, blueprint storage drawers, metal roll files, plat map storage, steel flat files, drawing racks, blueprint racks, blueprint stands, metal or wood roll files, metal or wood flat files, drawing storage drawers, large and small storage cabinets, storage boxes for blueprints, storage boxes for drawings, wood flat files, drawing roll file storage, drawing storage boxes, map drawers, map storage cabinets, and storage systems for media, construction documents, X-rays and poster storage. These storage solutions will keep you organized while enhancing the professional appearance of your office or workspace.